Iona Abbey

The majority of the existing Benedictine abbey dates from the medieval period. Building work began on the Abbey church in around 1200, almost certainly on or near the site of the original Columban church. Another Benedictine foundation, the Iona Nunnery, was established nearby in 1203.

The cloisters were added soon after in the early thirteenth century, and the refectory was built in the late thirteenth century. The Abbey church was substantially expanded in the fifteenth century.

With the advent of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland, Iona along with numerous other abbeys throughout Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland were closed or destroyed. Many of Iona’s buildings were demolished.


Walk diagonally across the field toward the road. There’s another gate a little along the road where tickets can be bought. If this is closed, you can buy tickets in the entrance once you reach the Abbey.


The Sunday service is at 10:30am.  There are also services daily Monday to Saturday at 9am, and also at 2pm between March and October.